In order to recover from the corona, it is necessary to eat a healthy and simple diet.  Image Credit: Pexels / Ella Olsson

In order to recover from the corona, it is necessary to eat a healthy and simple diet. Image Credit: Pexels / Ella Olsson

The Indian government has distributed a simple diet plan for the fast recovery of Corona patients. This diet plan is for those who are undergoing treatment at home or in a hospital.

Healthy Diet Plan for Corona sufferers: Corona (Corona) continues to wreak havoc in India. The country is still facing a second wave of epidemics, while experts warn of a third wave. There is still a deep gap between active and recovered cases. Many states have also imposed lockdowns to break the Corona transition chain. While many states have issued instructions to their citizens to stay home and go out only for the work required. Given the increasing number of patients, many Covid-19 patients are advised to stay in isolation homes. In view of the worsening situation, the Government of India has distributed a simple diet plan for speedy recovery of patients. ABP News According to this, the government has shared this diet plan on Twitter the hand of mygovindia for patients who are in their homes, hospitals or camps and are undergoing treatment. 1. Start the day with soaked almonds and raisins In the diet plan distributed by the government, it has been told that you should start each day with soaked almonds and raisins. It has been talked about making food not only nutritious but also delicious. It has been told that if you are a Covid-19 patient then you should use almonds for protein and iron. Also read: Keeping children close to nature even during the Corona period, brain development will be fun2. Sin’s yeast or a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast You can start the morning with the yeast of sin. In addition, a bowl of porridge can also be used for breakfast. You can also choose gluten-free and excessive fiber. 3. Jaggery and Ghee are required at launch
In the diet plan, it is advisable to consume jaggery and ghee with lunch. The plan is, you can eat good and ghee during or after lunch. You can also eat it with bread. Tell us that jaggery and ghee help keep the body warm and strong, while the immune-boosting properties are also rich in them. 4. Use of polenta in restaurants According to this diet plan, instead of having a heavy dinner, you should eat khichdi as it contains all the necessary nutrients. It is light on the stomach and helps get a good night’s sleep. Also read: Want to recover quickly from this Corona, then include these 5 foods in your diet 5. Keep yourself hydrated It’s really important to keep yourself hydrated these days. As the main suggestion in the plan, you can drink lemonade at home in addition to drinking water. You can also add homemade buttermilk to your daily routine.



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