In Hinduism, makeup is very important for well-meaning women.

New Delhi. Every woman wears makeup after marriage. In our Hindu religion, too, it is considered very important to make full use of Suhagan women. Many religious arguments behind this show that by adornment, the husband remains healthy and life is long and married life remains happy. But besides religious facts, there are also many scientific reasons hidden there, which is why it is necessary for Suhagan women to do sixteen make-up. Let us know what are the sixteen makeup for women and what are the benefits of wearing it. Only married women can wear makeup. While some can also be married to married women and virgin girls.

Know about sixteen women’s make-up
Wearing a stitch will make the face look sharp. It keeps the mind calm. This part of the main mandal is related to Lord Shiva. Applying kumkum at this stage brings peace to the mind, beauty enhances beauty.


Vermilion is considered important and sensitive when placed in the middle of the head. By applying vermilion, the mind is always alert and active. In fact, mercury is found in large amounts in vermilion, which helps keep the mind relaxed. Vermilion is applied after marriage as it works to increase blood circulation as well as improve sexual ability.


Wearing glass bracelets is considered auspicious for bees. Glass bracelets clink and the sound produced by banging bracelets. It repels negative energy.


Every married woman must wear a mangalsutra. The ancients say it should be hidden. The scientific reason behind this is that Indian Hindu women do a lot of manual labor, so it is important to keep their blood pressure under control. By keeping the mangalsutra hidden, it will affect our body and we will get the maximum benefit from it.


You must have seen married women lying on their feet. The toe in which the nettle is worn is directly connected to the uterus and the heart. Wearing them makes the woman easy to conceive, and the period is also correct. Due to the money, it takes energy from the ground and carries it throughout the body.

Nasal clove:
Wearing cloves in the nose controls breathing and protects against respiratory disease.

Wearing silver anklets relieves physical pain. Silver anklets are always rubbed with the feet, which is very beneficial for the bones of women. This strengthens the bone in their feet and controls the texture of the body.


Wearing earrings in the ears helps regulate periods. Makes the body energetic. Therefore, it is advisable to wear gold or silver earrings in the ears.



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