World Bicycle Day 2021: With the aim of popularizing the use of bicycles in everyday life, World Bicycle Day is observed around the world on June 3. The goal is to make people understand that bicycles are not only good for physical health, but also environmentally and economically friendly. The General Assembly of the United Nations has declared June 3 to be celebrated as this day. World Bicycle Day is officially celebrated for the first time on June 3, 2018. Come and know about it.

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World Bicycle Day was officially observed for the first time on June 3, 2018 by the United Nations General Assembly in New York. The opening ceremony was attended by many people including UN officials, diplomats, athletes, supporters of the cycling community. Several ways to serve the cycling community were also shared on the occasion. At the same time, it was also conveyed the importance of cycling and its health benefits. This year that is in 2021, the fourth World Bicycle Day is being celebrated.

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the importance of bicycle

According to the United Nations, the importance of World Bicycle Day encourages member states to focus on various development strategies and to include bicycles in international, regional, national and sub-national development policies and programs. The day also encourages member states to organize cycling at the national and local levels to promote best practices and cycling among all members of society and to strengthen physical and mental health and well-being. The day also encourages children and youth to understand the use of bicycles to strengthen education, maintain health, prevent disease, provide social inclusion and comfort. The reason for celebrating World Bicycle Day is also to recognize the uniqueness and versatility of bicycles. It is said that if city dwellers use bicycles to cover distances around them, it will reduce fuel consumption by hundreds of liters per day. Along with that the level of urban pollution will also be reduced.

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Here are the benefits of cycling

Cycling is not only beneficial for physical but also for mental health. This is a better exercise. It helps maintain a healthy heart, blood vessels, and lungs. Cycling for half an hour every day reduces belly fat and maintains fitness, making the muscles of the body healthy and strong. Cycling makes the immune system work well. Helps to get a good sleep due to fatigue. It also reduces stress and depression levels. Extra calories can be burned very easily by cycling. Apart from health, the cycle also works to save you money.



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