[ World Radio Day ] विश्व रेडियो दिवस कब और क्यों मनाया जाता है ?

Hello friends, I am Bhaskar and through today’s article I am going to tell you about the history of radio and the beginning of its broadcasting.

Friends, the way mobile is seen in every hand today, in the same way there was a time when radio was visible in everyone’s hands, but today radio is becoming history, but even today you have a home in rural areas i.e. villages. Radio will be available in the house, today fm channel and internet radio have made their identity in front of the people so far,

When and why is World Radio Day celebrated?

Perhaps there will be a radio in your house too, so don’t you have a desire to know about it after seeing it, you must have wanted to know about it, friends, seeing this exciting journey of radio, on February 13, all over the world Radio day is celebrated, World Radio Day has started from the year 2012, on the recommendation of the Kingdom of Spain, UNESCO General Conference on 3 November 2011 declared 13 February as World Radio Day, since then the year 2012 from February 13 every year world radio day celebrated as.

When was the first broadcast of radio in the world

Friends, about 113 years ago today, on the evening of December 24, 1906, Canadian scientist Reginald Fesden, playing his violin, heard the radio operator of the ship floating in the entire Atlantic Ocean on his radio set. She had just started radio broadcasting in the world, similarly at the same time Fesdan sang in her voice, and also read some lines of the Bible, even before Marconi sent wireless messages from England to America in the year 1900. Radio was started, but it was Fasden who started sending messages to more than one person simultaneously.

The history of radio broadcasting for the last 113 years has been very interesting. After this, people like Lee the Forest and Charles Heralds started using radio broadcasting, till then the use of radio was limited to the Navy only, after the start of the First World War in 1917, the use of radio for any non-military was banned. imposed

When and where was the first radio station established?

year 1918 In May Lee de Forest started the world’s first radio station in the High Bridge area of ​​New York, but a few days later the police got the news and the radio station was closed, a year later Lee de Forest started in San Francisco in 1919. Another radio station started. In November 1920, Frank Conard, who had served in the Navy, received the world’s first legal permission to start a radio station. Within a few years, hundreds of radio stations started working in the world, advertising in radio started in 1923.

When was the radio station established in India?

Radio brandcasting in our country was started in the year 1923 but by 1930 the Indian brandcasting company (IBC) went bankrupt i.e. it had to be sold,

After this the Indian State Brandcasting Service was created, in the year 1936, the Government Imperial Radio of India was started in its country, during the world war-2, all its licenses were canceled.

When was the first radio broadcast in India?

After independence, radio in India remained under government control. Radio was widely spread under government patronage. In the year 1947, All India Radio had six radio stations, but its reach was only up to 11% of the people.

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