WorldWideWeb3 integrates Aavegotchi as playable NFTs

WorldWideWeb3 will allow players to become its Aavegotchi NFTs starting December 11. The 2D metaverse already has integrations with other projects, such as CyberKongz and CryptoPunks, in addition to the WorldWideWeb3 NFT projects. Once live, Aavegotchi NFT holders will be able to become their Gotchis in-game. The Aavegotchi integration marks the first cross-chain integration for the project.

WorldWideWeb3 (WEBB) is an Ethereum-based 2D metaverse in development with an eye toward full NFT interoperability of many popular blockchains. TO Recent Tweet from WorldWideWeb3 The team announced the integration of Aaavegtochi with a short trailer showing Gotchi floating in the WorldWideWeb3 metaverse.

The team also announced integrations with The Littles NFT and Wizards and dragons game which will also be live on the 11th. These integrations are of the same nature as the Aaavegotchi integration.

Currently, WorldWideWeb3 allows players to walk through a city as their chosen NFT avatar from any built-in project or a standard white man. The project is currently running a whitelist event for an upcoming asset sale that requires players to navigate a simple but fun stealth mission, and then participate in a Snake-inspired PvP contest, with the top 1,000 ranked players winning. a place on the white list.

This is more fun than it sounds once you take out other players.

You can go see what’s available on the project website, click Play and enjoy. I didn’t care that Facebook (Meta) was given a chance in the intro, or the Tron and Ready Player One references scattered everywhere. It’s free to check and you don’t need any specific NFT to explore the world.

The limited game that is currently available gives us an idea of ​​what is coming and it looks quite promising. This new Aaavegotchi integration marks the beginning of the NFT interoperability that is critical to the project. It’s the first in the series of additional blockchain and NFT collection support, but how will it affect the game?

What does NFT integration really mean?

You don’t have to dig deep into WorldWideWeb3 to see that they are heavily inspired by the Ready Player One universe. Instead of going down the work and graphics laden route of immersive VR games, they opted for a 2D pixel metaverse. This stylistic choice sets the tone for seamless integrations with other projects that use pixel art NFT, such as Aaavegotchi.

Today, NFT integrations allow gamers to see their precious NFTs walking in a pixel world. It is worth noting that the project that created the chosen NFT must specifically design a full body version of your NFT to appear as a real character. Otherwise, you will see the NFT as a profile picture with the generic body as standard players. The Aaavegotchi integration will feature a full body character.

However, that’s just the beginning. WorldWideWeb3 aims to become an MMORPG that uses NFTs from a variety of popular projects to represent avatars, lands, items, pets, and even missions. The goal is to allow communities to exist and thrive within the 2D metaverse as they see fit. It’s easy to imagine a thriving Aaavegotchi community within WorldWideWeb3 where Gotchis socialize, shop, live, and venture together (in addition to what’s happening with the Aaavegotchi project itself).

These integrations allow players to directly represent their NFT and their community within the game. It’s unclear if the chosen avatar will have a measurable impact on the game, but it’s easy to imagine possible mechanics related to which NFT you’re currently using. Of course, the project is largely social in nature, so the way you present yourself is itself a part of the game.

What is WorldWideWeb3?

WorldWideWeb3 (WEBB) describes itself as a metaverse MMORPG game that uses NFT for avatars, allows, lands, items, and missions in the game. Your virtual world will become a template for future projects, with core values ​​to keep the space open for everyone and interoperable with as many other projects as possible.

In this world, you can play as Punk or Bored Ape, and then use your Mooncat or CrypToad as a battle pet. Developers want to integrate as many third-party projects as possible. If you don’t have any of the supported NFTs, you can always play with a CryptoWeeb. Those are the native characters.

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