Yoga Session- In today’s Live Yoga Session, we learned a lot of small yoga exercises. Yoga is very helpful in maintaining health. Those who want to increase their stamina, keep their body strong and keep their weight under control, they should do yoga. Yoga is not just an exercise but a complete lifestyle. In addition to yoga, you also need to adopt a balanced and regular diet. Only by doing this, the full fruit of yoga practice will be realized. Today, many asanas are taught for weight loss, such as bands, high knees, forward and backward bands, chest breathing, Tadasana, and many other asanas.

Tadasana: First you stand up and keep your waist and neck straight. Now raise your hands above your head and while breathing slowly draw in the whole body. Feel the stretch from toe to toe. Hold this state for some time and inhale and exhale. Then while exhaling, slowly bring your hands and body to the first position. In this way one cycle is completed. Tadasana yoga makes the whole body flexible. It is a yoga posture that brings flexibility to the muscles to a large extent. It brightens and relaxes the body. It also gives shape and beauty to the body. Melts excess body fat and brings a new glow in your personality.

Ustrasana: Camel means camel. To perform this asana, sit on your yoga mat with your knees supported and keep your hands on your hips. Knees should be in line with shoulders and soles of feet should be facing the sky. As you inhale, draw in the spine as if pulled from the navel. Stay seated without putting pressure on the neck. In this position, take a few breaths. Come to your starting position while exhaling. Bring your hands back to your waist and straighten them.

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Paschimottanasana: The name Paschimottanasana Yoga comes from a combination of two words – Paschim and Uttan. West means west or the back of the body and Uttan means stretched. To get rid of back pain, everyone should do Paschimottanasana yoga. When practicing this asana, there is a stretch in the back of the body that is the spine, because this asana is called Paschimottanasana. By doing this asana, all parts of the body are stretched and are very beneficial for the body. Paschimottanasana acts as a panacea for people who have diabetes problems and helps relieve the symptoms of this disease. Apart from that, this asana is also considered to be very beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure problems.

Paschimottanasana Benefits:
Beneficial in relieving stress, helping to lose belly fat, effectively making bones flexible, beneficial for better digestion and relieving insomnia problems.

lazy: Bend both knees and sit in a bowel position. Then rest the armpit of the right hand on the right and the armpit of the left hand on the left knee, join the hands (Namaskar Mudra). After being in the above position for some time, return to the normal position. Malasana relieves knee, joint, back and abdominal tension and reduces their pain. It also provides relief from constipation and gas problems.



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