Learn from yoga expert Savita Yadav

Learn from yoga expert Savita Yadav

Yoga Session: By doing yoga, not only humans can stay healthy but they are also free from all kinds of stress. Yoga is the process of gaining control over the breath and mind, Yoga affects the whole life and the life cycle works better….

Yoga Session: In today’s yoga session, there are many ways to maintain a healthy body and mind. Today we learned the many ways to do yoga on the Yoga18 Facebook page of Yoga Expert Savita Yadav. Different types of yoga asanas are described in Live Yoga Sessions. Yoga is a journey from body to mind. By practicing yoga practice every day, he got into a habit. By doing yoga, a man can not only stay healthy but he is also free from all kinds of stress. Yoga is the process of gaining control over the breath and mind, Yoga affects the whole life and the life cycle works better….

Malasana: The stage on which we sit while taking out benches is called Malasana. This sitting position is very beneficial for the stomach and back. To do this, first of all, bend your knees and sit down while defecating. Then join the right armpit with the right arm and the left armpit resting on the left knee (Namaskar Mudra). After staying for a while in the above situation, it returned to normal.

Benefits of Laziness: Laziness puts an end to stress on the knees, joints, back and stomach and eases the pain. It also reduces constipation and gas problems.

Naukasana: Naukasana, as the name suggests, requires the body to be shaped like a boat. By doing this yoga, there is a lot of pressure on the stomach and hips and they become tight. In addition, there is a lot of tension and strength in the muscles of the pelvic area. To do this Yogasana, first lie on your back. Now bring your legs together and place your hands together with your body. After this, take a deep breath and while exhaling, raise your chest with your legs while drawing both hands toward your feet. Now take a deep, deep breath, maintain your posture and then relax as you exhale.

Advantages of Naukasana: By performing this asana, your digestive system becomes strong. Also, it helps get rid of digestive related ailments like constipation, acidity, gas etc.

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Mercut Posture: For a short cut, lie down on the mat and keep your knees facing upwards. Both hands will open outwards. Your hands will stay parallel to your shoulders. Now bend your legs slowly from knee to knee. After this, right knee both feet Put the floor on the side or the action will continue to touch the floor for 4 to 5 seconds and turn the face in opposite directions, now slowly bring both feet up and face forward. Now, who would do otherwise?

Benefits of Mercat asana: The Mercut posture will make the spine flexible while eliminating all back problems. Your thighs will also form and your body will also be agile.

Marjari Chair: Marjari asana is a yoga posture that bends back and forth. Cat walks are well known all over the world, but we talk about cat poses in yoga posture classes. This asana benefits your body in many ways. This asana provides good stretch to the spine. With this, it relieves back and neck pain.



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