Since the corona virus infection has increased, most people think it is more appropriate to consult online with a doctor. The demand for online services is increasing, especially during the lockdown period. Given the deadly corona infection, this method also seems appropriate, because it is better not to leave the house a lot during the corona period, so that infection can be avoided. This allows the patient to talk to the doctor at home and not have to go out. Especially parents will also benefit from this. In such a situation, if you also don’t want to leave your house during this epidemic and are thinking of taking online advice from a doctor, then you need to be careful in several ways. With this, you will be able to inform doctors about patients in a better way in less time and get advice.

Consult a registered doctor
Social Distancing is very important in this terrible Corona pandemic era. At the same time, it’s better if you rarely go out of the house. This is the reason why the demand for online doctor services is increasing in this transition period. In such situations, you can also take advantage of it. But follow the advice of the same doctor whose name is on the government registered register. Or a doctor you already know personally, even better. This will make it easy for you.

Know about the doctor
By searching on the recognized and registered website where you selected the doctor, first of all, get information about the doctor’s name and full qualifications. Then call the doctor. This is very important.

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make a video or phone call
Video calls are used to get suggestions online. Prepare yourself for this, so you don’t panic when you speak and can explain your point clearly to the doctor. On the other hand, if you are not feeling well for a video call, you can also get advice via a phone call.

Provide information about previous medicines
If you are already taking any medicine, then definitely show the medicine and the doctor’s prescription to the doctor. This will make it easier for the doctor to understand what problem you are having and what treatment has been given to you.

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Must take medicine form
At the same time, when conducting an online consultation, be sure to take a prescription for a drug written by your doctor. You can scan this flyer and order it via social sites or by mail. At the same time, do not hesitate regarding your illness, but openly share your condition with your doctor.



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