Karan asks Rakhi why she is going to Manali, Rakhi orders him to see her name first and after seeing them he is shocked because it is herself and Preeta, Karan says it is not necessary, but Rakhi mentions that the two are going to Manali as a vacation because it is their honeymoon gift, everyone is surprised but Rakhi says that they both have the right to spend quality time with each other in as husband and wife. Because they are always busy with the issues facing the whole family. So she decided that the two of them should spend some time in private and treat it as a gift to themselves, Preeta says it’s not necessary as they already know and understand each other well. Huh. Rakhi said she was really happy but it can’t be seen and if she is really arrogant she should still go to Manali and hang out with Preeta even if it’s a fight but they can also see the beauties mountains should, otherwise people will say that she was not so generous that even when her son got married she did not let them go on their honeymoon, Rakhi orders Ganesh to bring a suitcase because she will have need to help Karan, Preeta leaves him. I tried but Karan forced her to thank him. To save her from Rakhi’s rebuke he leaves and Kareena also goes mad, Dadi asks Sameer to follow her as it is not her honeymoon.

Mahira asks Rakhi why she can allow them to go on their honeymoon, Rakhi says that she is the only one who can and that she would have done it sooner, but due to problems she cannot. She could and even was sick. But now that she has improved, we have to accept the fact that Karan and Preeta are now married.

Shrishti searches for her files, but Sarla is tired and when she asks her why she is so upset Sarla refuses to say anything, then Srishti talks to Preeta and packs her warm clothes Said to do, Sarla starts questioning Shrishti, but then they make a video call. Preeta asks Sarla if she is ok because Srishti said she should bring warm clothes, Srishti mentioned that she only takes care of her expenses, otherwise they would have to buy a lot of clothes, Srishti then explained that she should go spend a lot of money on new clothes, Sarla says someone from her house called and what happened was Sameer, Preeta quietly mentions that she is going on honeymoon , which Sarla was shocked about when asked about the location. After Manali hears that she packs all of her clothes, but wonders if anyone in her house, including Karan, would like them because they wear designer clothes, Karan dispels the misunderstanding by saying that she has it. look prettier in the clothes Sarla has. done, she ends the phone saying she will send the clothes tomorrow, Sarla starts crying after the call ends, Srishti asks why she is crying because it’s a happy moment, Sarla wonders why Kari the did, however, Shree Shree didn’t make her tell her before picking up her cell phone.

Kundali bhagya

Karan asks Preeta she was nervous after telling her she was going on honeymoon, Preeta said she was nervous only because people were thinking something else, Karan didn’t understand, but Preeta mentions that Karan doesn’t can’t explain what he will say to him and that the two of them will be alone in a room without any disturbance, he tries to get closer but Preeta leaves the room.

Mahira says in the room that she was happy to know that Preeta and Karan were sharing the same bed and Preeta kicked her out of the room too, but when Preeta was to be scolded she got the reward and now they would fall alone, well than Sherlyn. says she doesn’t understand what will happen if the honeymoon is successful, Kareena mentions that nothing will happen because Mahira will be spending a honeymoon with Karan, Kareena says she has always supported Sherlyn Is, because now he has need his support. Take Mahira to Manali and bring her closer to Karan as Preeta will be alone so they can handle her, Mahira says she now feels that everything will turn out the way she wants, she chops Karina saying he can’t believe that he is very intelligent.

Shrishti and Janaki reach Luthra’s house, Janaki asks why she brought her here as she has a lot of work to do but Shrishti says she can do it later, they wonder where Janaki is angry because she not everyone has gone on a honeymoon.

Preeta goes down and immediately hugs Janaki, she tells them that they are late because everything is packed and there is no more room, Janaki says there is nothing to worry about because she has no only three bags, Preeta says however that it is not. She goes with Karan Luthra and has a habit


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