The episode begins with Pragya asking Abhi who he wants to give rights to. Abhi says that you will be hurt by your stupidity and try to remove the ring from your finger. They look at each other. The music is playing… .. open my door. Pragya says just a second. Meera says sorry prajna. I didn’t know you were in it. Pragya says you are marrying this woman who has no manners. Abhi says if I want to so she knows I’m here. Meera asks Pragya if there is any problem in her marriage to Abhi. Pragya says why I would object because there is nothing between us. Meera thanks her for her guilt. Pragya says you have reduced my burden, now I can move on in life. Pragya hugs Abhi and comes out of the toilet. Abhi comes out of the toilet. Meera is shocked and calls Alia. Cries Pragya. Tony and his men discover Pragya. Tony asks if the woman is still wearing a necklace. Her boy says, maybe she still wears a necklace or keeps it safe. Ranbir receives Riya’s call. Riya says she was upset and he calls her. Ranbir asked why? Riya says I don’t want to talk about it. She asks have you seen the ring? Ranbir says yes, who is it for? Riya says it’s for you. Ranbir asked him to buy the ring, when he got engaged, a new fashionable ring might come. He asks you if you learn that Prachi and Shahana are also coming there. Riya says yes and reveals that they had a discussion. The network is leaving. Riya thinks there is no network because the call is cut.

Pragya goes down sadly. Riya looks at him and thinks if he hasn’t seen me or saved me on purpose. Aaliya is at the office talking to her employee. Meera calls Aaliya and tells her that she doesn’t share with anyone, but that she shares with her. She says she went to the bathroom, where Pragya was there, she spoke to him. Later, when Pragya came out of the toilet, Mr. Mehra followed her. Aaliya is surprised and says this can’t happen. She said she was telling him about Pragya. Meera asks him to guide her.

TV show

Pragya cries and sits down. Sarita gives her promise to Behen and asks him to tell her. She says we don’t have a blood relationship, which you will tell me. Pragya says I don’t know how to tell you. She says the last time she met him, she said he proposed to Meera to get married. Today he came to buy her jewelry and did some wedding shopping. She said the jeweler considered her to be his wife and had tried to make her jewelry. He says jewelry isn’t important to me, but… ..Sarita asks him to sit there and says I’ll be back. Pragya remembers her times with Abhi and Riya.

Shubra, the heroine of the new show, comes to Pragya and says that she overheard her conversation with Sarita. She talks about her husband and her children. She says she ran away from home and married her husband after 10 years. Now there is no more love and I don’t know why it affects the marriage. Pragya says she doesn’t stand a chance now, but will save their relationship. She says things will be tough, but when you see the happy faces of your children, your efforts will pay off. She says that children’s happiness is linked to your happiness and that of your husband. Shubhra says the kids want us to be together and that’s why we’re together. Pragya tells her to work things out between her and her husband. Even Shubhra hopes all will be well between them.

Shahana and Prachi talk about Riya. Prachi says that I thought I would love her and appreciate her, but she… Shahana said love me and talk to me. Prachi thinks to call Pallavi, but Shahana asks him to call Ranbir and asks about Pallavi. Ranbir receives the call from Prachi and thinks he should clarify. Prachi asks her to tell the truth and asks how is Aunt Pallavi? Ranbir says he’s fine. He asks if he found out about Meera and the chef, but Prachi can’t hear him and the call is cut.

Ranbir believes that Riya may not have told Prachi and that she would not have reacted that way. Abhi returns the necklace to the jeweler and reveals that he doesn’t want it. Sarita Behen comes to the jeweler and gives him back her necklace. Sarita comes to Behen and says you haven’t done it right. Abhi calls Ramanik and asks him to take him away. Pragya comes there. Abhi looks at him. Riya waves to Abhi, but he doesn’t see her. She meets Shahana. Shahana gets angry. Prachi asks him to wash the stains in the toilet. Prachi says mom and dad are here and asks him to do nothing. Ramanik asks Tony to keep the necklace and the ring in the locker.


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