The episode begins with Meera thinking that Mr. Mehra and Riya are driving home, missing their car. She thinks she was thinking negatively. Then he finds Alia’s car and recounts the theft in the jewelry store. She says Mr. Mehra and Riya have returned home. She then sees Abhi’s car and tells him that she will talk to him later, as Abhi and Riya are inside the jewelry store. Aaliya tells him not to worry, Abhi will take over and tells him not to enter. She calls the police station and reports the theft to the store. Inspector says Inspector Saho has been there before and he’s the best. Inspector Saho appears to get out of his jeep and talk to the traffic police. The traffic police let him go. Other traffic police officers talk about Inspector Saho.

The thieves ask for the key. Abhi said why did she say she didn’t take the key? Pragya asks the thief not to shoot Prachi. Robber asks if the joke is going on here. Pragya says I don’t know, I won’t let you take someone’s life for someone’s little jewels. Robber states that this is a little gem. Robber says these are very precious jewels. Pragya says I’m going to tell you about the keys, but for that I have to talk to Ramnik Lal. Abhi, Ramanik tells Lal to talk to Pragya, saying he will be doing 4 promotions for his shop. He says his daughter’s life is in danger and tells Prachi not to worry. Ramanik Lal thinks he may think Abhi can tell the dacoit that he has the key and agrees to talk to Pragya. Pragya asks Ramnik Lal to give her the key, otherwise her daughter’s life will be in danger. Ramnik Lal says that if we give the key, the thieves will kill us. Abhi comes there Pragya scolds Ramnik for giving him a bad idea. Ramanik flees while the thief pursues him. Ramanik Lal comes out and falls. Meera walks up to him. The thief sees Inspector Saho and his team coming and runs away. Abhi and Pragya argue. The thief tells them to come. Shahana tells the thief to work hard and make money. The thief pointed a gun at him, but Sarita asked him to forgive him. Other bandits suggest the police have come here. Riya reveals that she doesn’t have the key and later came here. She says the jeweler may have the key. Pragya, Abhi, Riya, Prachi and Sarita Behen believe that they will never leave us. The thief tells Riya to come out and get the key. Pragya says I will go and ask Ramnik Lal. Robber says you are very smart and tells Prachi to come out. Abhi says I will go and ask Ramanik Lal. The thief tells Prachi to get out, otherwise they will shoot Abhi. Prachi says I will go get some key information, telling them not to do anything to their father.


Inspector Saho speaks to the media and assures that he will take everyone out. Meera asks Saho to save Abhishek Mehra. Saaho says he will save everyone. Prachi arrives and says that the thief asked him to get the key back and that he will kill his father first, then everyone. Inspector Saho asked Ramnik Lal to give the key and said that we will catch the thieves after we leave. Ramanik Lal tells about the place where he hid the keys. Saaho asks him to say what Ramnik had said. Prachi tells Meera not to worry and runs inside. Goga calls the thieves and tells them to find the necklace, otherwise… the thieves get worried and think that Goga won’t leave them and throw them with fish. Aaliya comes there and talks to Meera. Ranbir also comes there and tries to enter, but Inspector Saho stops him. Prachi, the chef and everyone are inside, Ranbir said. Inspector Saho stops him, but Aryan tells him not to stop him. Prachi enters and tells them not to do anything to their father. She explains the location of the keys. The thief asks her to come with him, but Abhi says she will come with him. The thief agrees.


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